Your senior high school year is your breakthrough year. It is a celebration of who you are and what have become.

It also the beginning of where you are going, and the start of a whole new chapter in your life.

What is a high school senior photography session?


Senior sessions are about you, as an individual at the beginning of your path to adulthood. We will tell your story and showcase your talents. We highlight your vision while capturing the things you love to do and the locations that are important to you.Your portraits will become part of your life and will be admired for years to come.

Senior Sessions are a style of photography that capture high school graduates during their final year of high school, a little more involved than your typical grad gown photo.

Senior Photography in Canada is a new'ish concept that was made popular by photographers throughout the USA. It is a rare style of photography here that I am attempting to make common place with all graduates on our island and in Canada. 

Throughout Canada, Canadian High School Senior Photographers are creating unique images for their clients.




How long is each senior session?


Each session usually lasts about 2 hours, depending on what we plan to do. Sometimes it takes less, sometimes more! I only book a few sessions a week so that we can focus on the individual and capture exactly what we need to in order to fully celebrate your milestone year.

Let me know what ideas you have, no matter what they are. I am always up for a challenge and have no problem with travel anywhere.

Also, as many clothings changes as you want. I want just as much variety as you do, so bring whatever!



How many photos will I receive from my session?


This all depends on what the session goes like and how many locations, clothing changes, etc...that you have. Usually I deliver between 50 and 150 fully edited finished photos. I'm after a large variety for each client.

Many seniors include a few clothing changes, sports, music, hobbies and other interests and passions that they have.



Do you travel for senior sessions?


Yes! Anywhere on the Island and off. If you have a few locations you want to include let me know, if you don't...I have lots of ideas. If you have spots or areas that have meaning to you, like a favourite hang out spot, family cottage, a special beach or a location that you would like incorporated let's do it.

If you don't live on Cape Breton Island and would like a senior session, please contact me and let's chat. I travel to the Halifax area frequently and can easily squeeze you in.



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