Why Senior Photography?

High School Senior sessions are a fun way to really show off who you are in your final high school year!

The cool thing about senior sessions and Canada, is they really never did exist. They are HUGE in the United States, but they are rarely heard about in Canada. Myself and some other great photographers have been working hard to really spread them here and help make them part of what each grad does in their graduating year.

I first learned about senior sessions when I was in high school, that was about 20 years when the great John Ratchford (the original senior rock star) was doing his best at getting them off the ground. However, back then...it just wasn't what it is today. But thanks to his hard work and years of sessions, we are making a blip in the Canadian senior radar.

Long gone are the days of spending 5 minutes in a chair with a bookcase for a back ground and a stuffy gown, wait...I still do the gown photos, however I do them all on location. I don't shoot in my studio a lot anymore. We have such a beautiful island, why not spend each session outside exploring new places?

Each session typically lasts about 2-3 hours, I don't rush, I don't book more than one senior session a day and I love travelling to places that I have not shot before. I want to capture portraits in as many places as I can. The goal is to have each session contain as least some element that is unique and different than the last.

My main focus as a photographer now is only wedding and senior photography. To specialize in just two aspects or portraiture helps me become a much more creative individual and keeps me fresh. Instead of shooting everything that I possibly can, I can put all my effort, focus and drive into these two main styles and define myself and the type of photographer I am.

When I first started my photography career, I was a generalist lacking focus and any sort of direction at all. I just wanted to shoot and do great work. However, it just didn't work that well (I burned out). As much as I love to shoot, there are many local photographers on the island that just do a better job at certain things than I do, because they specialize in them. Wendy Gouthro for example, if you have a newborn or want a maternity session, she is the one you should go to. She is on FIRE, I love her work. 

Becoming one of the top high school senior photographers in Canada and showing the world what Canadian Photographers are capable of is another goal, our country has some of the most talented photographers in the world, have a look sometime.

That is it for now, it's late and I just finished this new website...hope you like it!