Glace Bay High School Senior ::: Sara

Sometimes it is easy to get lazy when things are not going the way you want them, but I think and believe fully that the harder you work, the luckier you get. It was tough to get some good spots to shoot for this one because right as we started this session, it began to rain and got really chilly.

BUT, Sara was awesome, about as laid back and I am, we just had a good laugh and got some great images. I get to meet so many unique people with these types of sessions, I love hearing the grads tell me what their plans for the future are, where they are going after high school and what they want to do with their lives.

It is very refreshing to chat with people who are excited about what is to come! Finishing high school is such a big deal in your lives, having some great images to capture you and for the future to look back on is what makes these sessions so great.

LOVE me some neon signs!

LOVE me some neon signs!

I'm really feeling the neon sign photography lately, you can get some really unique stuff, but there is a problem. I think there are only about 3 neon signs in all of Cape Breton! You are going to see more of this style in my sessions for sure.

I love playing with light of all sorts and making things work. This may look like only light from the sign, but I added some extra off camera flash as well. Photography is light and this stuff gets me super excited!

Thank goodness for parking garages when the rain starts.

Thank goodness for parking garages when the rain starts.


I wonder if you could guess how the image below was made? Do you think the light to her right was enough to light her face or was there more light added? Here is a hint, nearly 100% of my photos are shot with off camera lighting of some sort. Even the photos outside and in the bright sun, with big blue skies.

It really makes a difference to do that, images are crisper, more clear, the eyes of the subject pop much more and it is just better overall light, helping give amazing exposures. It is a much more labouring process, so you need to work harder, but in the end...the quality cannot be matched and moms are usually happy to hold a light stand! lol

I avoided it for a long time because it is so much easier to just shoot, but once I decided to make things better and work harder for my clients, I have not stopped.

Can you guess how many lights?

Can you guess how many lights?


Even though it was not ideal outside, Sara was a trooper and we just killed this session. Ended up with too many great photos and we had a fun time. If you are thinking on booking a high school senior session, email me today. There are openings in June and July, you can't ever be late in doing a session, I do many after graduation and after the prom!


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